Moringa-Arava™ products using instructions

For treatment
For pevention Product
4 capsules a day

2 capsules a day

Moringa Leaf capsules

Full tea spoon a day

Half tea spoon per day

Moringa Leaf powder

1 tea bag a day

1 tea bag a day

Moringa Leaf tea

4 capsules a day

2 capsules a day

Moringa Seed capsules

Moringa Oleifera – general details

Moringa-Arava is developing and marketing products based on the wonderful plant MORINGA OLEIFERA.
Moringa-Arava grows their Moringa plant in the famous Dead Sea area in Israel, where it is grown in rich mineral soil, providing it with special and improved qualities.
The Moringa-Arava products known have the best Moringa nutritional values in the world, as it is grown in the Dead Sea, Especially outstanding are the high values of Vitamin E and Calcium.

The Moringa plant is rich with protein, calcium, different vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
In comparing the Moringa compounds gram to gram to other plants and to milk, it was found that the Moringa plant contains:
3 times more iron then spinach, 4 times more calcium then milk, 4 times more vitamin A then carrot, Twice as much protein then in milk, 3 times more potassium then banana, 3 times more vitamin E then almonds.

The uniqueness of the plant is the combination of its many different compounds, which together give it extra-ordinary nutritional and medical qualities. The medical activity is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic.

Main uses

Strengthening of the immunization system, Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Gout, Diabetes (type 2), cholesterol, treating hypo Thyroid, Asthma, cleaning the body from toxin and heavy metals, extermination of parasites in the intestine, supporting during radiation and chemotherapy, treatment during lack of appetite in children and adults, helping with osteoporosis treatment, increase breast milk, Intestine infections, gums infections, prostate infection, skin disease, breathing disease, headaches and migraines, hair fall and more …
* The Moringa Seeds are specifically recommended for treatment of Asthma and Atopic Dermatitis.
* These products are approved by the FDA and by the Israeli Ministry of Health.


The origin of the Moringa plant is in India, where it is grown and used in the traditional way for thousands of years to give the body strength and additional nutritional supplement.
According to the traditional Indian medicine doctrine, "Ayur-Veda", the Moringa is a perfect ingredient for our health care.
In the Central African countries the plant is used for reinforcing nutritional in the less fortunate areas and for treatment of HIV carriers.

General information and instructions

– Moringa-Arava™ capsules are suitable for vegetarians (not gelatin).
– Consuming the leaf powder is recommended to mix with all kinds of dairy products, with salads and shakes.
– The leaf powder is not soluble, so not recommended to mix with water.
– For the use of the Moringa Tea, leave the tea bag in hot water for at least 5 minutes before drinking.
– Use only 1 tea bag a day.
– Moringa is forbidden for Coumadin users.
– If you consume any type of medicine, make sure you always use the Moringa products 2 hours away of taking your medicine.
– Do not stop taking your medicine without consulting your doctor.
– If you are having side effects early days (such as: rash, diarrhea, headache and discomfort) – these are side effects of liver detoxification and they disappear after about 5 days.

* all the above mentioned is not medical consultation and does not replace consultation and medical treatment.

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